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Why is Prepaid so much cheaper than a Bill Pay?


I've done a comparison of 2 Bill Pay options (€45+€60) and the normal €20 Prepaid choice over 24months  and used the Iphone X 64gb and 256gb  handset costs.


With the Iphone X 64gb Bill PAY

€45/m€ 1,080€ 719  € 1,799
€60/m€ 1,440€ 569 -€ 180€ 1,829

With the Iphone X 64gb PREPAID

€20/m€ 480€ 1,129THREE € 1,609



With the Iphone X 256gb Bill PAY

€45/m€ 1,080€ 879  € 1,959
€60/m€ 1,440€ 729 -€ 180€ 1,989


With the Iphone X 256gb PREPAID

€20/m€ 480€ 1,299THREE € 1,779


I was under the assumption because you're contracted to 24 months there'll be compensation by being cheaper than buying it out right. Woman Sad


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