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Why aren't there more iPhone 11 Pro camera comparisons with


Every camera review I've seen shows comparisons with the Xs and the 2019 Android flagship phones, but most people considering an upgrade are using older iPhones. They want to see how much better the 11 Pro camera is, so they can decide if it's worth the money to upgrade. Someone should post a detailed comparison with the iPhone 8/8+, so that 8/8+ users can decide whether to upgrade, and 6s/7 users can decide which model to buy–after all, Apple still sells the 8/8+!

Also, I know Night Mode is way better than the low light photos on the older iPhones' stock camera app, but I'd love to see a comparison between iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode vs iPhone 8 Plus with NeuralCam or NightCap. That's a more fair comparison.

Re: Why aren't there more iPhone 11 Pro camera comparisons w

@DinasBhai  That's a good idea but I doubt they'll do a comparison here s in the mods but if you have the older iPhones or something then you ould put up a review. @billbond4  has done this before so if there's anyone interested, I'd definitely read it!


Re: Why aren't there more iPhone 11 Pro camera comparisons w


Yip reviews are always good to help people decide.


I have a review for a TPlink Deco M4, which is a whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system which eliminates any wifi deadspots

DSC_1300 (2).JPGTp Link Deco M4


And a review of the Amazon Echo show 5 , as well

DSC_1309 (2).JPGAmazon Echo Show 5



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