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Unlocking Iphone 6S


Please can someone help me with my unlock code for my iPhone 6S. I requested it on the 21st March with an agent. He told me that I would receive a letter with it. I updated my address but received nothing. I now have no phone service at all, despite having a new SIM ready for the phone. I spoke with another agent this morning who told me that the first agent did not update my address nor did he action my request and in any event it would have been an email I should have received. I still have not received any email. I've since spoken to a friend who went through the process and she told me that she got a text, not an email or letter!


I have tried your chat function - 40 mins ago the agent told me she would check and be back in "2 mins". She seems to have blocked me from replying further.


Can someone please please please action this for me - I cannot be without a phone for the weekend for work purposes.  


Re: Unlocking Iphone 6S

3 Moderator

Hi janeyg123 👋 I'm sorry that you've had this negative experience with us. It's not what we like to hear.  Can you PM me your full name, number, IMEI number of the phone you want unlocked, address and date of birth so I can access your account to see what's been happening? Martin. 

Re: Unlocking Iphone 6S


Guys, its three days since my last message and I still have not got my unlock code for my phone. I requested this 33 days ago! Three breached my contract with the imposed price increase, I had every right to exit my contract on the basis of this and to hold me to ransom on this is entirely unethical and I suspect illegal.


I cannot be blocked from accessing an alternative provider and three's practice in not providing unlock codes (as seems to be the case from the many number of threads on this subject) would appear to be an abuse of EU competition law. 


Can someone please contact me urgently on this matter.





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