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Phishing Text Scam


Hello amazing people of the internet! Man Very Happy


It's my first post here in 2 years of using Three so I don't know exactly how to proceed. 


It's the second time in 2 months that I have received a strange message to my top up phone, saying "you have received new photo message: exclusive blabla".


The message is from IMSG2488, since it's not a phone number I cannot block it.


Can someone help me with that? Or tell me how to proceed in this case? Thank you!! Cat Wink

Re: Phishing Text Scam

3 Staff

Hi Laia, this text is more than likely a spam message. I would recommend deleting and ignoring the message. Did you click on any links that were provided in the text? 

Re: Phishing Text Scam

No, don't worry. I've just delete it Smiley Happy

Re: Phishing Text Scam

3 Moderator

Good o hear @Laia. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you need anything else just come back to us here.

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