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Re: Help with Unlocking




I have contacted Three UK, they say I should become a Three account holder, so I can request an unlock that way.

Could you help me on how to buy a Three Pay-As-You-Go SIM from you?

I could provide my details but I don't really prefer doing this out in the public.


Re: Help with Unlocking

3 Community Manager

The phone you're looking to unlock is likely already registered to another account and therefore another Three number. If you purchase a Three Ireland SIM it won't cover the conditions for unlocking that phone. 

Re: Help with Unlocking


Yes, I think your best option is to get the phone unlocked in a shop that provides that service.

Re: Help with Unlocking

[ Edited ]

Thanks for you all.

I'll find another way.


Could you clarify me some details on this issue before leave?


I don't think that devices are registered to account.

This is not what carriers do, as I recall.

SIMs are do registered, but people tend to change their phone, while keep their SIM.


@Three_Rachel say:

Even if I open a Three account.

And buy a second hand, Three locked phone, and use it.

Then I change my mind about my carrier choice.

 You won't unlock it either?


I think, since 2014, carriers cannot just "keep" devices.

Isn't the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act ( governs these kind of requests? Aren't the carriers obligated to unlock upon such consumer request?




Re: Help with Unlocking


Thats a US law, doesnt apply here.


Your options are

1) goto an unlocking shop and get them to unlock the phone.

2) fulfill the criteria so get a three ireland sim card and top-up by 130e

3) get the previous owner to request the unlock code for you.

Re: Help with Unlocking

[ Edited ]

Some kind of law surely governs this in Ireland as well,

as every Three device from 1 January 2014 and on are unlocked by default.


I'll probably put an Ireland specific research on this later on,

as simply "not unlocking upon consumer request" sounds not right to me.

Re: Help with Unlocking


Every Irish phone sold by an operator is locked,(as they subside the phone) Comreg is our  Communications Regulator.


To buy unlocked phones you need to buy directly from a manufacturer or other source

Re: Help with Unlocking


Thanks again, I'll go some other way for sure.

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