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Having severe problems with iPhone

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Basically I got an iPhone XS, it's a great phone and all but I'm having issues, basically I first got this phone, I was an idiot, cracked it on both sides, so we got it replaced. Got a second one from apple, worked good, sometime afterwards cracked the bottom left of it a bit during a hospital stay and it fell on the floor. No big deal, I'd figure it out eventually as the crack was mostly nonintrusive and only had a thin line through the device. Here's where the main problem begins. Fairly recently I had been having problems with charging, I had a chewed up charger from my cats, I replaced it with a new one and it worked fine, however when I has the issue unless my iPhone was turned on it wouldn't charge. Got that fixed, also somewhat hoping it would resolve my main issue.

Main issue: My phone taps buttons without me a lot of the times, aggressively bugs out when I'm not touching it swiping back and forth without me touching it. Half the time it works fine the other half it's basically unusable unless I have a lot of patience. We ended up calling Xfinity Mobile (my carrier) and they said it sounds like a manufacturers defect?

Re: Having severe problems with iPhone

I would contact apple directly and see what they say

Re: Having severe problems with iPhone

They are quite bad. Some iphones have serious problems such as not able to connect without a reboot, these are device specific not general problem. Generally they have worse reception than other brands.


If you consider a new iphone, use the 14 day return window to test it out.

Re: Having severe problems with iPhone

Hard to say that it sounds like a defect when the phone has been damaged. Contact apple and sort out a new phone and invest in an OtterBox case to protect it.
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