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Re: Deleting voicemail messages


I have hauwei y560 and tried pressing 3 to delete but they are still there, how do I do it. Thanks

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Re: Deleting voicemail messages

3 Moderator

Hi Fitzy!


Sorry to hear you're having problems with deleting voicemails. Can you try pressing 5 instead and see if this works? If your mailbox is full and you're not getting any option to delete, then the best thing to do is deactivate your voicemail by dialling ##002# and then set it back up by calling 171, which will take you through the setup guide. If you deactivate your voicemail, it's worth noting that any and all voicemails will be deleted permanently so it's best to try deleting them with the 5 key first 👍


Hope this helps!



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