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samsung s7 edge faulty ,


I purchased samsung s7 edge on line  as it was preorder. It arrived on time. no issues until Friday only had phone 10 days , phone died. Spoke with Samsung who agreed after trying to restart /reboot phone was faulty. Suggested going to 3 and getting replacement.

Contacted 3 advised to go into store with phone which I did ,store  not helpful at all, point blank refused to exchange phone even though I had been in earlier and they said they would but i needed paperwork i received with phone which at this point i didn't have  even though I asked them to check my account online refused to do this .

I spoke with 1913 lovely lady Meaghan who I have to say was very helpful and hopeful that the Galway store would exchange my phone as it was clearly faulty and within the 28 days of purchasing .

Customer care on the phone  had put a note on my account to support my request for a exchange,No Joy Galway refused to exchange as my purchase was online. No solution offered except send phone e back in a jiffy , no offer of them phone not even up for an discussion around fact that i was without a phone , felt that 3 store was a different company to 3 online....

Surely a big company like 3 could offer a facility whereby new phones obviously faulty can be exchanged.

I am without a phone , i have had to change work commitments as I can't be without a phone , extra travel time as a result . 

Zero satisfaction , seriously thinking of cancelling my long standing contract with 3 and moving to another mobile company . I have found the past couple of days so stressful. I wasted a full day Friday trying to sort out my phone , going in and out of Galway , on the phone and internet and still no Joy . While I want to acknowledge the phone support I received as helpful unfortunately the shop staff and existing protocols to be most unhelpful.

Beware or online purchasing you have to wait and send back your phone , wait and hopefully you will receive another one .Watch this space ,




Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,


Hope you get satisfaction keep us posted

Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,

Hi @Anonymous if you order online and the phone becomes faulty you'd need to post it back to us. Did you tick faulty on the returns form?

Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,

Yes ticked faulty still doesn't solve my problem of no phone . Won't be buying online again .

Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,

If you've selected faulty on the form they will send you out an exchange phone once they have received the old one back in the warehouse. 

Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,


Oh please some one help me ...

I posted last week to say brand new samsung s7 edge 10 days old had died, not a sign of life since.

Anyway to cut a long story worth many hours of  phone calls and shop visits, I have been given no solutions , no joy and now looks like another week or 2 without a phone.

SO this is the update. ,Was informed Friday (18th March )Jiffy returns bag was on the way to me .... still waiting ,I have rang Fri, Sat, Tues, Wed to seek a solution or someone who can think outside the narrow box of 3.So today is Thursday NO Jiffy bag so given the time line it looks like it will be another fortnight before I will get a new phone.

Phone support did offer solution of giving me ENR code to get replacement instore. Store refused..Infact rude unhelpful is what is coming to mind when I think of that 1 hour experience .

Now what is annoying me is things like I am tied to a contract for another 2 yrs . I have purchased a phone that was faulty and as per consumer rights the 14 day cooling off period still exists.

SO I suggested , they cancel my order , i return the phone and I go in store and purchase my new upgrade . i didn't even mind paying for phone in cash .No joy.

But what annoyed me is I have a bill due on Wednesday which includes the cost of my new upgrade phone , which I used for 10 days. 

Now as this is clearly a breach of consumer rights I have emailed CCPC and will take their advice around how to pursue this , at this stage I am considering small claims .

How is it as a customer who has paid my bill on time every month, for the past 5 + years be treated in such an appalling way .

As a consumer and a customer I feel annoyed and at a point where I feel enough is enough . 



Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,




I am having the same issue and i am under 2 years as well.. I was told by some idiot that I need to get a new phone (pre-pay) full price or yet as someone for a phone while they are looking into the fault phone they sold me and when i ask why don't I have a workaround a replacement phone, they reply, well you are under contract, you are not eligible for any phone. seriously I reboots everything and i was told it has to go back to repair, which i don't like but thing happened but a little help by 3 and for something we are stuck for 2 years, will be great. NOPE, instead i am like you being told by some (robot/human) as they both  two different person - wrote the same thing as if they are copy paste the same sentences to me that well tough luck nothing can be done. I been with 3 for a long time but this is the first time I regret being with them, as this point, If I had the money I would not only cancel my contract but ALSO get a new phone from somewhere else, as advice by theirs team. 

as soon as i can, i am leaving 3 ..

Disappointed with 3

Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,



I feel so frustrated by the lack of constancy of 3 , I have had so many suggestions of what to do ,and yet it takes a full week for a jiffy bag to be sent out, my phone bill came along with my bill for my new phone .My new phone was 10 days old when is broke and I have been in contact with Samsung around this issue.I have also contacted consumer group.My next step is small claims court .

Like you i have been accustomed for a log time but this loyalty means nothing. 

Sofrustrated by the lack of a solution to a simple problem. new phone = replacement not a week long wait for a jiffy bag.Cant what to see this jiffy bag .... must be a difficult package to deliver ,as An Post normally deliver post in 24 hours , this jiffy bag must be on a poor snails back...... still waiting ...... still waiting. Poor poor customer support .

Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,


Difficult to return when Iam waiting for the famous Jiffy Bag.I fear samsung will have samsung s8 out by time i get this matter resolved.


Re: samsung s7 edge faulty ,

Hi there,


@Anonymous, if you pop me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth, I'll check this out. You can pop into any Three store and they'll send off the phone for you.


@Anonymous, if there's a fault with the phone, it would need to be sent off to our repair team to be assessed. Do you have insurance? 


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