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Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase


Looks like I finally got this sorted!


I had performed a system update a couple of days ago - this took ages and after it was done, I checked to see if any further updates were available and there weren't.


I checked again there last night and an update became available - installed it, no joy and soon after another update showed as available - installed it and it appeared to work but then again started disconnecting randomly.


2 more rounds of updated last night and it finally appears to be working properly. interestingly enough, each update listed details of bugs etc it was addressing, none mentioned anything to do with Bluetooth..


Thanks for all the suggestions.

Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase

Yeah update logs generally just say "bug fixes and improvements "
From my experiences with Bluetooth its generally an issue with the phone, glad your all sorted.
Happy scooting 🛵 🛵

Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase

3 Community Manager
@Cojomo2 well done! I'm delighted it's sorted now and thanks for updating your solution. If anyone else runs into the same thing, they'll know what to do. @billbond4 thanks for your suggestions and support here.

Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase

Hi Rachel, in the market for another one of these however Xiamoi are releasing an updated version (m365 pro) tomorrow. Any word on when 3 might have these available? Thanks

Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase

Usually it takes a few weeks for company to launch after it's announced. @Three_Rachel ?
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase

3 Moderator

@Cojomo @Mac_n_cheese Hi guys 👋 The relevant team have just come back to me on this one. We have no confirmation on supplying this new scooter just yet, but it will be considered in the future 👍 


Re: Xiaomi Scooter Purchase


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