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VoLte testing on Three Ireland Network


Spotted that Three Sweden are looking for beta testers for VoLte


Beta Launch of VoLTE.

We are currently working at full speed to launch voice calls in 4G network, also called VoLTE. In this way, all Swedish 4G network operates today is your phone will automatically switch to 3G or 2G when a call is connected.

Advantages of VoLTE.

  • Better call quality
  • Faster call setup
  • Ability to switch between voice and video over calls
  • Quick access via 4G also during ongoing calls
  • Support for additional, future services and functions


Re: VoLte testing on Three Ireland Network

3 Community Manager

Nice spot, could be interesting for the future Smiley Happy 

Re: VoLte testing on Three Ireland Network

Sounds cool 👍 Karen 😁


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