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Unable to send international sms despite being able to call


I have had this problem for a full year, can someone please help me?


In June 2018 I moved from England to Ireland taking my iPhone 7 (unlocked) with me. I ceased my English O2 SIM card and took out an Irish number with 3 Network.


My new number works perfectly with the iPhone. I can ring UK and Ireland numbers, I can second iMessages to anyone in the UK or Ireland, I can contact everyone on WhatsApp too, but for any numbers in England I can’t send or receive standard SMS messages. Every attempt says “(!) Not Delivered.”


The annoying part of this is I just put my SIM card into my partners old Samsung S6 and a bunch of text messages came through and I could text UK numbers from her phone.


My iTunes is setup as Irish, my APN’s are correct, all of my contacts have been setup with the correct country dialling code and my iPhone is now set to Ireland too, with my Irish number setup on iCloud.


I have removed all of my contacts from my iPhone, deleted all previous texts and added the numbers again, but the problem remains.


Does anyone know why I can call UK numbers and send them iMessages, but I can’t send them SMS messages?


Could this be a an an issue for 3 network to fix? Do I need something setup in the network for me to text from an iPhone?


Can someone please help me with a suggestion? I’d really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Re: Unable to send international sms despite being able to c

3 Community Manager

@villafc82 Hi there, that's a strange thing that's happening with your iPhone. As you mentioned everything works correctly calls/text and data plus international texts when you put your SIM in another phone. It points towards a possible handset issue. Have you contacted Apple support? 


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