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Three possible illegal activity.


Hi All, 


Here is a brief summary of story and if you want to read the whole story you can below.


Brief Summary: Three is removing data from Pre Pay accounts illegally so that people top up more often.


Full Story:


I recently topped up a 7.5gb broadband addon on a prepay sim I use as a backup when I go over allowance on my main bill pay broadband account. As most of you know getting an addon online does not normally work (you get error) so I used the chat. When I gave the person my details on chat and requested an addon they said my details do not match. They said the account name and address is different. I insisted it was my account and that I logged in with no issues and could see that my name and number were correct on MY3. The person on chat ended by saying I need to get account holder to purchase addon but I was the account holder.


I then accidently closed that chat and had to start a new one with new person. I went through the same steps asking for addon and they said the same thing about different account information. I even gave this person my secret passwords that you can have on account. Then all of a sudden the person on chat said that they could give me the addon. I asked them was the account details issue sorted and the person said yes. I should have investigated further but did not.


You would think the story would end there. The next morning (12hrs after I had bought addon) I checked My3 and it said I had 1,736 remaining.......i was shocked. I had done nothing but browse the net from around 10:30pm the night before to 10:30am the next day. So I started another chat. I tried to explain to this person that I had bought an addon 12hrs earlier and is almost gone. They suggested I had left something download over night but I have automatic downloads off on all devices which was only my PC and phone that night. So nothing downloaded since I got the Add-on. All this time I notice strange things going on on my account such as errors, broken links information disappearing such as name and number at top disappearing and also my account balance page not working.


I tried to explain to this person that there is no way I used 6gb+ and told them (while chatting) I had made a few small file downloads and refreshed the MY3 account balance page and the 1,736 mb stayed the same. They said to see in an hour what it says so I came back 1 hr and it went down to 963mb. In the space of an hour I used almost 800mb. I was clever though. I reset my routers data tracker to 0 after the last chat and it registered 60mb for that hour. I sent this screen shot on to the person but I really dont think that person understood what I was trying to say. This chat ended with the conclusion to get back to them in three days after they send out a usage report. I said that is fine. I will get this usage report in 3 days and update this thread to the results. The issue I have with the usage report is whether or not I can tell where that missing 6gb went. Will it clearly show when I added 7.5gb to account and where (ip address) that 6gb went towards.


I recommend people to reset router and get some sort of tracking that youc an make sure data is not disappearing from your account like it did to me.


Again I will update on result in three days but based on the test I already did (where 800mb vanished in 1 hour and my router said otherwise) I think there is something rotten in the state of denmark.


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