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Re: Showbox

Hi Shanek, did you get in contact with Showbox about this? 

Re: Showbox

I didn't really get it fixed. I got cinemabox instead. Its only ok tho.

Re: Showbox

I have been having the same issue with the 3 mifi broadband. I try to use showbox and the watch now feature is not available and also cinemabox is not available either.

There is obviously an irish ISP block on those streaming sites. Anyway after 2 days of getting nowhere with "technical" support and removing adult filters, I took matters into my own hands.

1. Make sure you are connected to the 3 mifi

2. From any device use any web browser to open the Mifi dashboard by pasting this into the browser

2. Enter the password witch is defaulted to

3. Go to settings

4. WLAN settings

5. Advanced WLAN settings.

6. Now where the option for country region adoption is , it should be set to enable. Change this to disable.

7. Next on the option for Country/Region this should be automatically set to Ireland. Scroll down the list and change this to United Kingdom.

8. Click on Apply.

9. Restart showbox or cinemabox etc and enjoy all the movies and shows you like.

Re: Showbox

Three blocked Showbiz from working on data now. I can't get it to work at all.'s bs, it's a great app and Three is not allowing it.... 😖😠

Re: Showbox

Meant to say Showbox

Re: Showbox

Terrarium TV has been done in the true spirit of home entertainment. download it here: You get a massive load of content to watch for free. You get quality (Full HD) content and faster streaming.


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