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See what pro football players can do with 5G


With 5G around the corner and new use cases being invented all the time, I thought this one is quiet interesting as it show cases one of the main benefits of 5G its low-latency

Imagine you’re watching the big game on Sunday in virtual reality. You’re sitting there with your goggles on, watching a professional American football player soar over three defenders to make a finger-tip catch. It’s like you’re there, better than any seat in the stadium. Or maybe you are even wearing a haptic suit that lets you feel every hit and block. Now imagine that football star is the one wearing the goggles… during the game… and still making the catch.
Crazy, right? But this is the reality of 5G – networks with such low latency that players can wear VR goggles and still throw, dodge and tackle at close to full speed. If it sounds far-fetched, check out the video below from Verizon and Ericsson and see just what's possible:
What's incredible isn't just that star football players like Matt Forte and Jamal Adams can make one-handed catches wearing VR goggles in MetLife Stadium outside New York City. It's that they could do it so fast. VR has been linked to issues such as inducing nausea and disorientation in some participants – something attributed to the "lag" or latency between when something actually happens and when the brain synapses think it should happen.



Another example here of 5G with a mobility test




Re: See what pro football players can do with 5G

With 5G will come some serious changes with how we view and use data. I remember reading somewhere that Three are building their infrastructure to make sure that 5 G will be something they can provide.when the time comes. I wonder what that means for phones though, like which are capable of this or will it be a new Sim or maybe both And if it will be something that networks start changing extra for. I don't think that's a problem though I wouldn't mind paying for it. Congestion could become a thing of the past.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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