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Review of Amazon Echo Show 5


When you look at the box of the Amazon Echo Show 5 you think its just a nice looking bedside alarm clock, but its much more than that.



Once I unpacked the Show 5 from the packaging and plugged it in (cable approx. 1.5m long) there was a quick setup process and sign-in to your amazon account (you shouldnt need to do this if you order from Amazon).

It’s a pity that the device doenst use a usb connetion for its power source so it would make the device more portable it uses a plug connection that didn’t work with my existing Amazon Echo device.

The device has a good sticky rubber surface so it stays put on a surface, it’s has a none intrusive design and size wise measures 149mm x 86mm x 73mm.

For physical controls on the top are a slider cover for Camera, Volume + and – buttons and a Microphone/Camera on off button, so you don’t have to worry about Alexa listening to what your saying.                         

On the rear is the power connection port and a 3.5mm Audio Output allowing you to connect it to another audio device, during my testing I found the sound output from the Show 5 excellent for its size.

The dual microphones that Alexa uses to listen are positioned on the top of the device between the volume control buttons.

It connects to the internet via dual-band Wi-Fi which supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks.



The screen is  5.5’’(140mm) and provides a resolution of 960x480 for the content I watched the screen has good viewing angles and good brightness you also have options to configure the brightness / how the screen turns on. There is plenty of customization options for clock faces/backgrounds so you can pick something that best suits your needs, like an alternating weather/sports news/national news/clock or just have a static clock.



The sound comes from a 4W speaker and packs a nice punch considering its size, I did find the sound having a bit too much bass for my liking, but you can tweak it using the equalizer.


4.JPGPhoto Options

There is a 1 Mega Pixel camera on the Show 5, its low resolution so the quality isn’t that great, there is some funny features for the camera.


5.JPGBluetooth connection

You can stream audio via bluetooth from a device to the Show 5, it was easy to stream from my phone and it’s a nice feature to be able to control audio from the Show 5.


I was able to easily setup to the “Smart Home” features and tell Alexa to turn on and off my WiFi plug, and it could be configured to turn on if you have a smart doorbell.

If your into cooking you can ask Alexa to show you a chocolate chip cooking recipe and it will display the steps on the screen as well as reading them out and no worries in getting the screen dirty with your chocolate covered fingers you can just ask Alexa to goto the next step.


Amazon calls apps, skills so you can ask Alexa to enable skills, I didn’t find a huge amount of skills that I would be interested in but the amount is growing all the time so it would be worth checking out skills regularly . I did find one for my TP-Link Router where I could just ask Alexa to enable/disable the guest WiFi network.


For videos this month Amazon has allowed YouTube back into the Amazon ecosystem, so you can now watch YouTube videos on the Show 5.

If you have subscribed to Prime Video you can watch on the Show 5.


Built in Browser to see your favourite website.



Currently the price is down to £70 on



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