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Hi everyone,


Every week we're going to post up a little bio and details on one of our Mods, so you can get to know the team!


First up is @Three_Joolz!


New Julie N.jpg


Name: Julie

Current phone: iPhone 5C - Yellow (apparently the colour says a lot about you)
If you could be any animal, what would you be: A Red Panda
Favourite band/singer: (this is a very tough question to answer) an equal gra for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band and Marvin Gaye
In 3 words: Funny, Kind, and Eccentric

Re: #MeetTheMods

Happy Friday! Today we're hearing from the wonderful @Three_Fiona!


New Fiona.jpg



Name: Fiona

Current phone: Samsung S4 – Antique at this stage

Colour of your socks: Wearing tights at the minute and usually don’t wear socks. Don’t really like wearing them. I’m always barefoot at home and can’t understand weird people that wear their socks to bed!!

Favourite treat for the cinema: Salt and Vinegar Taytos but I always bring in a sneaky bag of Bombay Mix.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be: Iceland. 2nd happiest nation in the world and 3 months of continuous Sunlight in Summer. Plus a lot of brilliant musicians for such a small population.

In 3 words: Happy, Chilled and Adventurous!

Re: #MeetTheMods

Our resident fitness guru is next.... @Three_Bob!



Name: Bob

Current phone: HTC One M9

Guilty pleasure: I’m ashamed to say it but I love Justin Bieber’s new stuff…ssshhhh don’t judge Smiley Wink
Passionate about: For me they go hand in hand- grub and rugby Smiley Very Happy In fact, I'm so passionate about rugby that I've started a topic over here about the 6 Nations! Feel free to drop in and have a chat!
In 3 words: About six foot Smiley Happy




Re: #MeetTheMods

Next up we are introducing the wonderful.... @Three_Rachel!


New Rachel.jpg 


Name: Rachel

Current Phone: I’m using a Note 4 (the pen makes me feel important)

One thing I’d bring to a desert Island: a hammock so I can gently swing in the breeze and possibly use it as fishing net even though I hate fish but…. in the interest of surviving!

Favourite movie/TV Show/Book: Dirty Dancing (I’m cheesy I know) / The walking Dead / Wuthering Heights (a bit romantic)

In 3 words: Fun, Bubbly and Considerate

Re: #MeetTheMods

This week we're chatting with none other than.... @Three_Sophie!


New Sophie.jpg  

Name: Sophie 

Current Phone: Samsung S6, I love the camera

If you could have a superpower, what would it be: Invisibility Smiley Happy

Coffee or tea: Everybody’s going to think I’m a weirdo, I don’t drink either Smiley Happy

Where did you go on your last holiday: Lanzarote, can’t get enough of the sun Smiley Happy

In 3 words: Friendly, kind and easygoing.


Re: #MeetTheMods

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3 Staff

Happy Friday everyone!


Today we're hearing from @Julie_D! If she was a Spice Girl she would definitely be Sporty Spice Smiley Tongue 

New Julie D.jpg


Name: Julie D

Current phone: Samsung S6 edge

Favourite thing to do the weekend: Play camogie Smiley Happy

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter: Summer - has to be

In 3 words: Sporty, fun and friendly!

Re: #MeetTheMods

[ Edited ]

Get ready to meet @Three_Brogan!



New Brogan.jpg


Name: Brogan 

Current Phone: Huawei Ascend P8

Most used app: Snapchat
Never leave home without…? My most valuable possession - my phone Smiley Happy 
Favourite flavour icecream: Chocolate
In 3 words: bubbly, friendly and a perfectionist!


Re: #MeetTheMods

[ Edited ]

Say hi to @Three_Elaine!


New Elaine.png


Name: Elaine

Current Phone: HTC One M8

Most listened to song at the moment: Right now it’s MØ and Major lazer ‘Lean on’ so catchy!

Any weird hobbies: I’ve been collecting cinema stubs for about 10 years now, I have loads.

Dogs or cats: Both! But if I had to choose I’d get a cat. As soon as I move to a bigger place I’m getting one for sure
In 3 words: Organised, inquisitive, cheerful Smiley Happy

Re: #MeetTheMods

Here he is, the one and only @Three_Steve!


New Steve.png

Name: Steve

Current phone: I’ll use anything Android. At the moment I’m between a Sony Z5 and Samsung S5
If you were a Simpsons character, who would you be: My niece calls me Moe, which I find highly offensive 😒 I consider myself to be more like Disco Stew 😎
Favourite place in the world: Annacy, France – Google it, it’s amazing! 🙆
In 3 words: This is such a hard question so, as usual, I’ve turned to technology: According to’s personality quiz, I’m Creative, Adventurous and Spontaneous. I’m ok with that Smiley Happy

Re: #MeetTheMods

Today I'm introducing....myself! I am @Three_Sheena!


New Sheena.png


Name: Sheena

Current Phone: Galaxy S6 Edge, hopefully soon to be an S7 Edge!

Where would your dream holiday be: I turned 30 last Summer so used that as an excuse to go on my dream holiday to Florence, Italy. Had an amazing time!

What Superhero would you choose to be: That's an easy one as I'm a Marvel fan and adore Rogue from the X-Men! The southern belle from original comics mind you, not the new version Smiley Happy

What food do you dislike the most: Custard, yuck!

In 3 words: Geeky, gamer, girly Smiley Happy

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