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Is it ok to give 3 your password?




i recently called 3 as I think my phone needs a new battery. I didn’t get very far because the guy I spoke to insisted that he needed my password before he could help me - is this normal to give someone your password? I couldn’t remember what it was but it just didn’t feel right to give it out? 


I do do need a new battery so looking for peoples thoughts on the password issue.

Re: Is it ok to give 3 your password?

@DeniseG when you contact like 1913 they always ask for the information on your account. If you've a password they ask for it because it's set up there for that reason so that's normal yeah. Battery problems are down to the apps on your phone most of the time. You should see in your setting which apps use most of the battery and you can shut them down from using battery when theyre not open and in use.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Is it ok to give 3 your password?

It's not an app using the battery, it's Android OS and Android system using up all the battery.
I've tried uninstalling everything like Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp and the airline apps but nothing helps.
I've been given another number to call zte on directly but they're only open Monday to Friday.

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