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I am new to photography and interested in buying a Nikon EM

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Hello, I’m new to photography and have been shooting film with an old Kodak camera my parents had since the early 2000s, the camera hadn’t been touched in a decade and still worked fine and I took some photos and got them developed and found some pictures of me as a kid on the film! I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the film, it had a personality to it. And so, I’ve been interested in buying an old film SLR camera, so I can continue to learn photography. I’m thinking of buying a Nikon EM 35mm camera, it seems cheap and I liked the photos I’ve seen that it takes. Would you guys agree this is a good starter camera, and a step up from an auto film camera? Or do you recommend something else? Thanks.


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Re: I am new to photography and interested in buying a Nikon

I don't know much about cameras I'm afraid. For picture quality, though I'd always recommend the Huawei phones because the camera is professional quality.

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