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Getting charged for out of allowance data (Prepaid)


Good evening,

I write here because the Chat support has been completely ineffective and the person following my case (Ravi) was dodging my questions instead of giving me explanations other than copypasting textes from pre-made answers.


I have been a 3 customer in Ireland since February, when I moved here.

I subscribed to the 28 days Prepaid option (20 Euro per month) and I never had an issue so far. However, this month I did not receive any communications about my top-up date, as I usually am via SMS, and did not realise my plan expired yesterday, on May 13th.

I received a message tonight, May 14th, saying that I had "out of allowance" data for a certain amount. Confused I logged into my page to realise I had been charge since May 6th an overall amount of roughly 40 Euro.


First of all, the customer support stated "We've come to realise that we can't always guarantee the timely delivery of Spend Alerts". Which is a poor attempt of saying "Yes, our system doesn't work and you have to deal with it".
Second, once I mentioned that even understanding this I still got charged since May 6th, roughly one week before the expiration time of my promo, the person on chat just reiterated his statements which made no sense.

I topped out 25 Euro now as I would have done anyway in a normal circumstance, but I am not satisfied at all with my situation, and I would like to talk to a more competent person who could shed some light on the situation.


Confident in a reply to my case,


Re: Getting charged for out of allowance data (Prepaid)

3 Moderator

Hi @ML86, I'm sorry to hear you feel you've had a poor experience with us. On the All You Can Eat data plan, the plan expires after 28 days and you're charged at the Out of Bundle rates in our Price Guide here Texts are sent to warn you of your usage but are not sent in real-time. These texts pull from a date when you were charged for a service that was not included in your plan when it was active, such as a call to a non-Three customer, which is why they can date back to before your plan had expired. To avoid any Out of Bundle charges and to keep your plan active, we recommend either setting a reminder in your phone to top up or else setting up an automatic top-up on your My3 account here. Aoife


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