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Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Gameweek 31


Gameweek31 League Table.JPG


Congrats to @Anonymous, at the top spot and one week closer to winning 2 tickets to an Irish home match of his choice!


I have to say, this season has been crazy, but I'm rooting for Leicester, I'd actually be gutted if Spurs steal it from them at this stage!


94 points from @Anonymous this week, and that makes him the top team! 


I've slipped down to 40th place, really need to up my game so I'm going for the ole bench boost for gameweek 32 👊


See you in two weeks!




Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

[ Edited ]

Gameweek 32


Gameweek32 League Table.JPG


Still at the top spot, @Anonymous is 11 points clear with just a few weeks to go!


I played my Bench Boost this week, which was completely useless to me. I'm in 41st place currently *facepalm* I think I'd better stick to my day job!


Top team this week was Fran Brannigan's "Struggle Is Real" with a whopping 91 points! 


See you next week!



Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Gameweek 33


Gameweek33 League Table.JPG


Hanging onto the top spot by just 2 points, it's @Anonymous! Brian Courtney is catching up though with a massive 90 points this week.


Top team was Gillian Burke's with 95 points, and my own Three Ireland team was clearly one of the worst with just 53 points! Smiley Embarassed


Getting close to the end, and I think I might actually cry if Leicester go down at this stage. Any predictions for the last few games?


Till next week!



Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Gameweek 34


Gameweek34 League Table.JPG


He's cleared a bit of space now, @Anonymous is 38 points ahead of Dirtbirds by Rick McManus! 


With so many teams having two games this week, there was a lot of movement on the leaderboard. The top score was 171 points from Moneyball by Leo Nash!


Did anyone else make the horrible mistake of making Lukaku their captain? And also used the Triple Captain boost? So got a total of 6 points from him? Okay, just me then.... Smiley Mad



Have a great weekend! Smiley Happy


Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Gameweek 35


Gameweek35 League Table.JPG


Pat Healy's team The Sprinklers has passed out Ricky McManus's Dirtbirds to take 2nd place, but Jamie Condon is still ticking away in the top spot 41 points clear!


The one and only Ross Cassidy with The Ninja Skrtels was the top team this week with 67 points. I still get a chuckle out of that teamname @Anonymous!


You know, any other season I'd be happy for Spurs doing so well, but if they steal this title from Leicester I'll be gutted! 


See you all next week Smiley Happy


Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Well Leicester have done it! Fair play to them, although I do feel back for Spurs! 


Now the battle for Champions Leagues spots, any predictions?


Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Ruh-roh, this is suddenly a lot closer than it was last week <_<
Who are you transferring in and captaining Pat, out of purely innocent curiosity? I'm thinking Cattermole in for Sanchez myself, he's been banging them in in training this week apparently

Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

[ Edited ]

Drama at Old Trafford yesterday, which means the Man Utd Bournemouth match has been postponed until tomorrow evening.

29 points clear as it stands though, I think @Anonymous could have it!



Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Well that's it folks, the English Premier League has finished up for another season! Congrats to Leicester, well deserved winners in my eyes.


And a huge congrats to Jamie Condon - @Anonymous - , winner of our Fantasy Football League! He gets himself 2 tickets to any Irish home match this year Smiley Happy


Thanks everyone for playing!

Re: Fantasy Football 2015/16

Woo! Nervy last week there, so close in the end - if that last kick Smalling O.G. have been the difference I'd have been distraught.
Thanks a million Smiley Very Happy

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