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DNS issue with tethered hotspot.

In the last week I have been unable to connect to the Internet on pc through hotspot.

I have run troubleshooting on my pc and it tells me the issue is with resolving the dns.

I have reset pretty much every network setting on both my phone and pc to no avail.

I understand tethering is not supported by 3, I just want to know if 3 have changed settings on the 3 end to block tethering.

Any help appreciated.

Re: DNS issue with tethered hotspot.

3 Moderator

@aa23 thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, as tethering is not guaranteed to work we don't any available steps to troubleshoot this. I can confirm we have not added any settings on this side to block you from tethering. We do have mobile broadband plans that you can have a look through if you wish this would guarantee connection to the PC,👉 


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