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A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019

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What do we all think of the Oscar Nominations which were unveiled Tuesday morning?


Roma and The Favourite are leaders of the pack with 10 nominations each!

Below are some of the individual nominations and having seen this, there are a few shocks for me!


Eight nominations received by A Star Is Born, two of which are for Bradley Cooper but Cooper didn't receive a best director nomination for his work behind the camera? How come?


Emily Blunt was completely snubbed for her roles in “Mary Poppins” and “A Quiet Place” which was a shock to the system for me! I adore Emily and her talent, I felt this was quite harsh!


Can we take a moment to praise Richard E Grant for his first ever Oscar nomination for Can You Ever Forgive Me? Anyone see the video of him tearing up? My Heart



Canva 123.png



I've put together a review of Bohemian Rhapsody because it was my favourite out of the list of nominated movies. This is purely my own opinion but I’d love to hear what your opinions are about the movies that have been nominated and perhaps those that didn’t get the nominations you felt they deserved!


Bohemian Rhapsody

I recently went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and in my opinion, I think it’s one of the best sing-along movies in a long time, don’t get me wrong others like Mamma Mia and the Greatest Showman are good but this tells you more about a man behind the music. I sang for a good chunk of the movie because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of Queen?  Rami Malek’s portrayal as Freddie Mercury is outstanding. From start to finish he keeps you engrossed in the movie and I learned more about what an amazing character Freddie Mercury was.

The movie starts off showing the audience how Queen formed and Freddie Mercury’s young life. Throughout the movie we follow the band on their worldwide success and Freddie’s solo career and the impact it had on the band. We see them all at their highs and sadly at their lows, with some very dark parts that had me gasping “Oh No!”.

With movies like these; music legends will never be forgotten!  Bohemian Rhapsody received 5 Oscar nominations yesterday morning which shows how much of an impact this movie had.


The Cast:


Rami Malek: Freddie Mercury

Rami has come a long way from his days as Ahkmerah in Night at a Museum and Benjamin in the Twilight Saga. He has grown as an actor throughout the years and really indulged in method acting for this part. His role as Freddie Mercury is outstanding which is why he’s nominated for Best Actor at this year’s Oscars!


Ben Hardy: Roger Taylor

As I sat In the cinema and saw Ben, I immediately knew I had seen this guy before but I couldn’t place him (which was very frustrating at the time!) It wasn’t until I was at home that I realised he played Peter Beale in “Eastenders”.  The fact I didn’t put this together at the time is a testament to how much he has grown as an actor and how well he portrayed Roger Taylor!


Gwilym Lee: Brian May

I must admit I’ve never seen Gwilym act before and thought this may have been his first big role and I was more or less correct! He’s had a few small roles in TV shows and movies throughout the years but this is his first major movie and what better character to play than Brian May. Queen and Brian May kept Queen going throughout the years since Freddie passed on and I feel Gwilym covered the laid back, rebellious character of May quite well.


Joseph Mazzello: John Decon

This movie is Joseph’s biggest role for quite some time, remember him? He was little Tim Murphy in Jurassic Park 1 and 2. He’s back at the age of 35 to play Queen’s bass player Deeks.


Lucy Boynton: Mary Austin

I never heard of Lucy’s character Mary Austin before this movie, nor did I know how much she was loved and cared about by Freddie. Lucy is a very talented actress, no matter what kind of character she plays, she gives it 100%. After reading up on Mary, I think Lucy was the best person for this role after seeing her in other movies such as Sing Street and Murder on the Orient Express.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Don't be shy and share some of your thoughts by replying to this topic below.

Re: A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019


+1 for Bohemian Rhapsody, its a great movie and Rami does a great Freddie

"Queen Live at LIVE AID Side By Side Comparison with Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody 2018)"


Looking forward to watching Vice, love Christian Bale and Steve Carell and also Can you Forgive me.

Re: A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019

Well Richard Grant deserved a nomination, although I'm not a fan.

Mary Poppins should have been left alone..leave the classics! Emily is a great actress though and easy on the eye!

I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody not quite to the same degree but I think Spike Lee's genius is tangible in BlacKkKlansman and I agree it is about time.

Overall I wasn't shocked, I was surprised but not in a bad way.
I'd have more interest in the animated features! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was fantastic so fingers crossed

Re: A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019

Movies Movies Movies! I like your review and I had the same line of thought about Bradley Cooper although I saw the movie and I really just didn't like it at all. Not even a little!


@billbond4 I saw that comparison and it's uncanny Remi really studies the way Freddy moves as well as his unique sound. @Michael_Mick I agree - "Unhand our Classics, you Fiend!" haha

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019


Yip ,redoing a classic = Lazy

Re: A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019




I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: A Spotlight on the Oscar Nominations 2019

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3 Moderator

Mary Poppins.gif

We're on the brink of adventure, children. Don't spoil it with remakes ☂ ☂




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