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Reply log in problem


Hi guys

When I log in to router settings I use "admin" as user and password then it asks me to set up new password, so I do and its OK. But next time I try to log with new password it says INCORRECT. Same with old "admin" password. I have to hard reset device (Huaweii B525) so I can use old "admin" and again I'm asked to set up new password. But new password works only once and i have to hard reset router and so and so...Please HELP



Re: log in problem

3 Moderator

Hey Rob 👋 I'd leave the password at admin, it does ask you to change this. Ignore this message as if you forget it, we have no visibility of the password so cannot reset it. Mairéad 👍

Re: log in problem



The problem is I don't want to change "admin" password/user, but I have to, I'm forced to do it. So i change the password, it works for ONCE so I can access settings. On next visit it DOESN'T work ( or "admin password") and I have to HARD reset the router. So then I can log on with admin password/user but I'm asked to change it, I do it and than can access router settings. But on NEXT try my password ( or "admin password") doesnt work.

Also can you confirm that HARD resetting modem/routes reset password/user to ADMIN again ???


When you say 'hard reset', do you mean that you're resett...

3 Community Manager

When you say 'hard reset', do you mean that you're resetting it to the default factory settings by pressing the small reset button for 30 seconds @Rob73? That will reset the SSID, username and password to the defaults which you should find on the back of the router. 


It's weird that it's asking you to change the password every time though, that could be a indication that the router itself is faulty. Did this just start happening recently or has it always done this?


Re: When you say 'hard reset', do you mean that you're reset


Hi All


When you enter in the admin password just click later or cancel. You do not have to change this password as it is default to the modems. It will alway default back to admin once reset . It is only for the settings for connections and access to sms and status. Only one you could change would be the wifi key and this will make your connection more secure. It is not a faulty device every modem has the same password for this. 


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