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We want YOUR feedback!

Hi there,


This week here at Three, we're focusing on how we can improve the service that we supply to you, our customers.


If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can be better, either here on our Community, or with the products and services we provide, I want to hear it Smiley Happy


Please post below with your thoughts, no matter how crazy they sound! I can't promise that your suggestion can be implemented, but I do promise that any and all feedback will be sent to the relevant teams.


Thanks in advance!


Three Community Manager

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

Very disappointed with team work. I don't know is it the lack of communicationbetween themselves or is it the company trying to get more customers with theyr money in as many as possible. I was waiting for the iPhone 7 plus to come back in stock, and aventualy I found in iPhone7 plus Black 32 gb back in stock. So straight away I rang a sales department to make a purchase.I placed the order 3753679. And was told delivery is gonna take between 2-10 days. In 2 days I decided to check my delivery tracking and it says "out of stock". I rang back to sales dept. And I was told the item is out of stock and im gonna have to wait in preoder que or I can get a made me to pay money without issueing me an item!!! Very disappointed!!! If management wants to get back to me for more info you can track me by the order number 3753679

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

Hi maratas85, can you PM me your address and date of birth, please? I'll take a closer look into this. 

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

Please give your customers an indication as to when three will support native wifi calling on the iPhone 7? Supposedly the LG G5 already supports it, but no news regarding iPhone. Also visual voicemail, is this something that will ever come to three?

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

Considering switching to EE just because of wifi calling, but will hold out if there is a estimated launch date for iPhone 7 support. Please don't suggest the rubbish InTouch app.

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

Ee is only available in the UK.


Re: We want YOUR feedback!

New Member
Not sure if it's just my phone but it would be nice to see more aggressive 3/4g switching as my phone will stay on 2g even if I have 3/4g coverage and it will stay on 3g even if I can get 4g.
Also some improvements in indoor connectivity would be nice especially in my town Arklow there is a lot of busy places where there is no indoor coverage.
VoLte would also be a nice addition.
And of course better speed are always welcome.

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

[ Edited ]

I have the same gripe as @Reece last Friday I drove from Finglas to Dungarvan down the M50/M7/M9 phone never moved from O2 3G/ 3 3G, for the whole trip once past Blanchardstown off ramp the only way I can get back on 4G is to turn off mobile data and wait until 4G kicks in I've repeated all the usual tips and tricks including 4G only in Network search, changed sims and selected 4G as prefered service.

Re: We want YOUR feedback!

New Member

There are some key features that are missing from any of the plans you offer. 


  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Visual Voicemail
  • LTE
  • VoLTE

Improving your network, and offering some amenities along with it, should be your focus to differentiate yourself from other providers.

Re: We want YOUR feedback!


I've seen a BIG improvement in the way 4G now kicks in on my phone

it seems to work exactly as in coverage map 90% of the time even gettting

it in a few places not yet on the map


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