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Data use outside allowance

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Saw a poster mention those texts which inform you of use outside allowance on another thread. The ones that go: "You have spent EURO X.XX on Internet Services since DD/MM/YY".

A suggestion for 3, unlikely as it is to be heeded...

Would be handy on prepay if those pointless texts came at the actual time of use - rather than secretly stack up and then bombard the user (at the near €1 per MB cost - what a joke!!!) when it's all said and done days later, rather than as the out of data allowance use is happening.

One would be forgiven for thinking 3 sneakily want it to build up so you're unaware it's actually happening until it's far too late.

Keep the mobile data off near the end of the 28 days till you've topped up and set handy reminders to know when you're approaching the end. Only way to get around it.

But as for those daft texts... bit like calling a plumber long after the bathroom has flooded the house! And we're to think their late timing is "accidental"?!

What a joke!
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Re: Data use outside allowance

Hi Frequency17 👋 We appreciate your feedback on this and I will forward your message to the relevant team. We'd recommend that our customers put a reminder in their phones so this doesn't happen in future, Martin. 

Re: Data use outside allowance


I received a bunch of these today...AFTER I had topped up by 20 quid and receiving a text stating I once again had "all you can eat" data. I have no idea what they mean!

Re: Data use outside allowance


Hi @pdl4561, can you PM your details please and I'll check this out? I just need your name, number, address and date of birth please.


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