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Re: I would not bother


Hey Prawncocktail,


Thanks for this really valuable feedback. The Community is run by the Three Moderators. We're always looking for ways to improve the site. I'll bring this idea to the drawing board for our next brainstorming session 😃 Joolz 

Re: I would not bother


RE: " We're always looking for ways to improve the site. "

Well then why can't you sort out the webtext problem? For such a big money making company can you not afford to get ONE qualified engineer with a bit of coding experience to fix it? What is it now, ten days?
So embarrassing for your company.

I'm off to Virgin who I believe have better coverage, faster speeds and COMPETENT employees. 



Re: I would not bother

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3 Moderator

Hi Strum, we are updating the service and we understand it's not ideal to be without the service but the finished outcome will be a service that provides a better experience. You can keep track of the updates and progress Here


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