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Re: Community Update - Your Thoughts?

Ah just a few static snow flakes nothing fancy

Re: Community Update - Your Thoughts?

Sure I'll see what I can do!


Re: Community Update - Your Thoughts?

Now, added some lovely snowy trees on mobile ❄️🌲

Re: Community Update - Your Thoughts?

Very festive

Re: Community Update - Your Thoughts?


I have to say, off the bat, trying to navigate this community is tiresome in the least. That could just be me though.


I have an issue: You are advertising these free Bose headphones to the first 200 customers who pre-order the Huawei P20 Pro. Great, but you have no way to tell the customers whether they have in fact qualified???? 


How does a company the size of Three get away with this? Surely it's subject to fraud, breach of advertising standards etc.


I am personally writing to the Advertising standards agency to complain, as no one, and I mean no one, at Three, can tell me whether I will get the headphones.


Better still, although I have 14 days cancelation rights, the headphones could take up to 30 days. So if the headphones were a contributing factor to purchasing the phone, you may not get them and cannot send the phone back when you eventually know.


This is shoddy to say the least and in my businessw, (I run a Ford dealership) I would not be permitted to get away with it, by the advertising standards agency, the Manufacturer and also by the most important people, the customers.


This will be my second line with Three and will be my last as I will switch to another provider.


Absolutely terrible customer service. Get your act together Three.

Re: Community Update - Your Thoughts?

3 Moderator

Hi @TheKnife6465 👋 We still have headphones available if you pre-order now. You'll receive the headphones within 30 days of getting your phone, check out the T&C's Mairéad 👍

Too late

Had someone had the pressence of mind to inform me of that, I would still be a customer of Three. Too late though, I have cancelled my order and joined Eir.


Thank you though

Re: Too late

3 Moderator

I'm very sorry to hear this and I'll certainly forward your feedback to the relevant departments. Mairéad 

I would not bother



I sent a complaint in 4 days ago, although it states that I would get a follow up within 3 days, nothing. I then left poor feedback on the web chat, again, no contact. It is totally a waste of time passing any feedback up the chain as nothing ever happens. 


Just put me down to a jaded customer who will leave.




Re: I would not bother

I agree with the look and navigation. It needs some work! Everything is kind of all over the place. Who runs this community? Maybe that person can take this feedback from a new member and make some changes. Liked the competition though. Hope my number gives me a good chance with it. 


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