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Re: Christmas Avatars

Erm, I'll see what I can do! 

Re: Christmas Avatars

Hmm I would like a icon of a tea and biscuits please

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Re: Christmas Avatars

There is a coffee cup avatar there if that helps? A cuppa tea might work nicely as well though Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas Avatars

[ Edited ]

i went for the mousetashe as im trying to grow a beard at the moment.

My body hair grows well all over me except for my head !


Re: Christmas Avatars


Never mind Christmas when am I getting a saxamaphone avatar? Smiley Surprised

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Re: Christmas Avatars


Hi @psychosax,

just spoken to Sheena and she's told me that a saxophone is top of the list- couldn’t have a community without the sax man!! Could do with a Saxxxxamaphooooone (in my best Homer Simpson voice) myself. 

Re: Christmas Avatars

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