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not receiving international text messages




in the last 3 weeks I completely stop receiving sms from abroad outside of Ireland. I have the confirmation from the people they did send me the messages but I stopped receiving them.

I call the famous technical team and they closed the issue that I HAVE TO INVESTIGATE THE FOREIGN suddenly I should be calling to Czech republic to dont know who and ask them why the message did not reach Three network. Terrible customer service, but the issue is - I was receiving those messages but something happended and dont know what...

Does anyone had the same issue and know how to solve it? Maybe its on my phone but really would like to have some advises, it would be really appreciated

thank you


Re: not receiving international text messages

3 Community Manager

@ilakonir Thanks for getting in touch with us here and welcome to the 3Community Smiley Happy


Okay so in order for me to really look at what may have changed I'll need the following info 

1. The numbers you were receiving texts from and the numbers you are now unable to receive texts from (I understand them to be the same)

2. The dates and times you received successfully and the dates and times you didn't receive the texts. (For the latter you will need to contact your friends in Czech)#

3. Your own number, address and date of birth.


This info needs to be sent by private message so you can click on "send me a PM" in my signature, under my reply.


When I have this info I can open the investigation.  It's worth noting as well that this could be a routing issue on our side but it could also be a routing issue on the other network's side as well. The investigation will determine which it is. You won't be able to investigate it with the network in Czech, but the people that are trying to send you texts can do the same as you  here, on their side. 

Re: not receiving international text messages


Hi rachel,


when i click on send me a PM i have a blank page and Im not able to enter any message. Cn you please help.

Thank you


Re: not receiving international text messages

3 Community Manager

@ilakonir okay can you click on my username "Three_Rachel" and then click on send user a PM please? I'll definitely help you.

Re: not receiving international text messages

I have been having similar issues for 12 months. Multiple people have looked into it and the best I could get was that Three does not trust the route the other companies are using to direct the sms so they block them. I have no sms contact with any of my overseas contacts and not all of them use WhatsApp or Viber. Terrible service in the 21st Century

Re: not receiving international text messages

Do you do what the mod instructed?
A ticket needs to be raised on three ireland and the foreign operator


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