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You have spent....


I top up with €20 each month and get unlimited data but I have got 16 texts today saying I have spent €x on internet services since 14/9/19. The most recent text said €110.14 which is impossible.


Any ideas?

Re: You have spent....

Me too i have 5 messages within minutes of each other saying I have spent a total of €100 (give or take) on internet services - it happened a month ago 3 took back my €70 credit its ridiculous 

Re: You have spent....

My3 app will show the right amount
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: You have spent....

I have received 3 texts saying up to 15.08 EUR has been used and I now have 0.00 credit balance and my internet has stopped working. Any resolution from 3?

Re: You have spent....

3 Moderator

Hey guys 👋 When your unlimited data plan runs out, you are charged €1.01 per MB so your credit can be used up quickly. The texts you receive are automated to let you know this. However, sometimes these texts can be delayed so you may receive them after you have topped up again. As soon as you've topped up the charges stop and you have the unlimited data back again so if you get any texts like this after the top up, you can ignore them! I hope this helps 😊 


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