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You can use your Three prepaid balance for purchases on Goog


Hello everyone,,

This came up in another thread (and subreddit), and people seem to be unaware of it, so perhaps it's worth sharing.

Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with, I'm just their customer and this might work with other providers as well, but I had no way to verify.

If you're a Three prepaid customer, you can leverage offers like "All you can eat data" which gives you unlimited 4G (LTE) data (they reserve the right to reduce the speed after 16GB, but it never happened to me) for a month when you top up your card with €20. the bundle also includes free calls and texts within the Three network. However, you can also use the €20 you topped up your account with on calls/texts which are not part of the plan (such as international calls).

People seem to be unaware of the fact that you can use the "Bill My 3 Account" feature of Google Play when purchasing apps, books or media from Google Play. It will work as if you bought the item with your card, but it will deduce the amount from your prepaid balance. If you're like me and don't need international calls/texts, the amount you pay every month for the data bundle can be used towards buying books or apps instead of just sitting on your account. It also works for paying for in-app purchases (such as extra content in games), or subscriptions to additional services, as long as the payment is done through the Google Play interface.


Re: You can use your Three prepaid balance for purchases on

Thanks for the info! Good to know!

Re: You can use your Three prepaid balance for purchases on


Good Thred over on Boards

As its Christmas , credit can be donated to a charity also

Re: You can use your Three prepaid balance for purchases on

I'd suggest no one use credit with the Google play store. Because this can happen.

People including myself waiting weeks for a reason why it happened and a refund. Your post should be removed by one of the mods to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. Not until 2021 when I'd say we will get a proper update on what happened and refunds given.

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