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Word of warning....

Hello to everyone - this is a post to remind everyone to check their bills regularly. You probably do but i didn't and was charged for international calls which was added to my plan several months ago. I have no knowledge of this but when you complain to 3 they will not refund money for a service you have not used at all or wanted. They did give a goodwill gesture. So please check your bills as if there is something on it that you don't need or want it is best to get it cancelled asap. 3 would rather keep the relatively small amount of money they have taken for a service not used than keep the customer. Merry Christmas everyone!

Re: Word of warning....

Surely they can't add without your permission, they can't go into your account and add something like that. Did you ask to investigate, was there a mistake made somewhere if you asked for something else and the wrong thing was put on.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Word of warning....

It has been added - i told them i didnt do it or want it or use it - they couldn't care less about what i said and the manager that dealt told me i didn't understand....all in all i am incredibly disappointed in 3 customer service and will be leaving them as soon as i can. They sent me a text to say i had cancelled the add on - i wonder why they didn't send me a text when they say i added it on also...

Re: Word of warning....

3 Community Manager

@Notahappybunny Are these add-ons that you can apply yourself using your My3 account? You may have added it in error at the time but I'd like to check it for you myself. I understand you've spoken with customer care already but if you'd like me to check it out just send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth. 


Extra info for anyone else wondering about add-ons and account management, specifically: you can add and remove these via your My3 Account. I recommend using this App to keep yourself up to date with your plan and to make changes as you need to, there. Just download your App in your play Store or iTunes. 




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