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We demand an explanation (4g issue nationwide)


I’m writing this in the name of all 3 customers having trouble with decent internet access through the network. First of all, I’ve one general question regarding what is happening lately with 3. Why are all 3 representatives acting like there is no issue? Let’s gets some facts. I’ve talked to numerous 3 representatives over the chat online, in person in store, and also contacted 3 via social media. In every case I was told bad 4g had something to do with my device, account or the SIM card. How do you explain the fact, that this forums are flooded with topics on this issue and 3 representatives persist it’s nothing to do with the network itself. Has this network’s policy changed regarding accessing 4g network and if it has, then why is 3 still promoting false advertising on so called “All you can eat data with 4g”. 


As far as I can understand the demand for internet usage is big because 3 is the only network in Ireland or even in Europe to give 4g unlimited access, I cannot stand how 3 representatives try to put the blame on the customers. Instead, 3 could easily back down with a statement that the company is no longer able to support the demand. I hate to even look at some of the “helpers” that say to change 4g to 3g, like.. I paid for 4g, I don’t want any other type of connection. At this point I’m beyond frustrated and, unless something change, in 15 days, after 8 years with Three I am leaving this network.


I don’t want any of that “can I get your address so I can check the area for you” support. Masts in my area and across the country (I’m supporting my statement based on this forums and also a website - easily googled - showing services down) are broken or 3 slows speeds down on purpose. Also, I believe people are entitled to the refund if they pay for the service and network can’t deliver.


Re: We demand an explanation (4g issue nationwide)

@Rebel I don't think anyone here has ever said that there isn't a problem with 4 G in the evenings, I've seen a few threads where mods have discussed the fact that 4G is used heavily in the evenings and this affects speeds. I also find that during the day I'm flying it but in the late evening I switch from 4 to 3G and my speeds are better, I can use Netflix and my phone all on wifi. Ive given that advice here a few times because it works for me and it has worked for some others too. I don't know who told you bad 4G was to do with the device because that's not true but I have also seen here where people are using old Sims and ancient equipment. A few people have given their addresses and it turns out there's a fault so that has explained things to them, having poor service for a few days and so on. Every network is on the easily googled website. The one thing I do agree with in your statement is a need to improve the network so that heavy users stop impacting others so much but thatll take time.

Anyway thats my opinion, didn't appreciate the helpers comment and as in all the ads 4G is free. So your refund will be ?
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: We demand an explanation (4g issue nationwide)

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3 Community Manager

Hi @Rebel I've read your post thoroughly and I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with your 4G service. The purpose of the troubleshooting steps we provide is to help improve our customer's experiences using their data/broadband and to rule out common factors that impact speeds and service. These factors are common to all telecommunication companies. We like to do that immediately to avoid a situation where the cause ends up being a SIM thats too old to be compatible with our infrastructure and the same goes for the devices (phone/modem/router/dongle). The switch from 4G to 3G can help improve the experience for some customers living in areas where there's a high volume of users on 4G and it helps us determine if the issue is with 4G only or all Data services. We mention that here and on other threads because we know it can make a difference. If it doesn't and if the other steps don't improve the speeds then I work with the network team to check the service in more detail. You mentioned that you contacted the Social Media team. If you PM your full name or number I can bring this to my colleague's attention and take it from there. 


Re: We demand an explanation (4g issue nationwide)


Hello Rebel,


I agree 100%, spent a bit of time over the last few days trying to get to the bottom of this.


I switched to 3 mobile broadband around 6 month ago, had fantastic speeds on the 4G router up to Christmas...75Mb plus with 30-40 mb upload. Similar speeds on my Samsung S8.


Noticed over the last few weeks things have slowed down considerably. Just tested it,12.5 mb download and 45.6 mb upload which is bonkers.


When I questioned it with Three, the same ribble, every excuse under the Sun.


Not happy at all with the level of service from 3 on this. Hate being treated like a fool.


The excuses the are allowed to give are insulting. 


We've been sold a Pup...again.





Re: We demand an explanation (4g issue nationwide)

@ral9006 When  upload is higher than download it means that more people are using the download. It's not really bonkers thats just how it works. Normally you see it the other way round but generally thats what it means. If I was having trouble with my service and my steps didn't work then  I'd contact the mods here. Three_Rachel has replied to explain and offer help so why not send her a PM and see what happens. You can always come back to this topic again

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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