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Transferring wife's phone in my name to her

Hi, I didn't find a contract section, so I put this in prepay.

My wife wants a three contract, I already have one. She's still in the process of opening a bank account. I know I can get another contract for her in my name and on my bank account, but my questions are:
- Once my wife has her bank account, can we start a contract in her name, on her bank account, transferring her number?
- If so, is there a transfer fee involved?
- If this would involve cancelling the existing account, would there be a cancellation fee?
- How long would the whole process typically take?

I'd like to know because I want to know if it's worth going through this process or if it's better for her to wait for her bank account first.


Re: Transferring wife's phone in my name to her

3 Moderator

Hi @eoghangh and welcome to 3Community! Once your wife has her bank account set up, she can apply to set up a Bill Pay account in her own details and using her own bank account details. When the new account is set up, she can transfer her own number to the new account. If her number is still in contract on your account, you will incur a cancellation fee to cancel her number on that account. If she's not in contract, there'll be no transfer fee. A Bill Pay account can be set up within 48 hours but as it's the Christmas period, I'd add a few more days to that timeframe 👍  


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