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Topup not activated

I topped up through banking online on the 12th of June and went on holidays that day and my credit was not activated but money was taken from my account would it have something to do with going on holidays? I’m annoyed because I am now down €20 and I contacted 3 customer service and was speaking to someone who just said they’ve would sort it and have heard nothing since 😡 really frustrated! Someone please help !! Do I contact my bank or 3 ?
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Re: Topup not activated

Nothing to do with going abroad. It def isn't going to go on to your credit if it was June 12th so check you bank statement to see if it was put back and double check you topped up the right number.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy
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Re: Topup not activated

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@Mac_n_cheese Thanks for that 👍 @Sinead99 If the €20 didn't reach your account with Three it is normally refunded back to your bank account in a few working days.  Since it's been a few weeks now. Can you send me a PM, so I can check your account? I'll need your number, full name, address, and date of birth. 


Re: Topup not activated

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@Sinead99 I had to delete your post as it contained your personal information. Could you click on my name and send me a private message? 


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