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Topped up wrong number


Today at around 8.30pm I topped up my number by €20 but I got no credit turns out I topped up a number one digit different to my number. 

i had not topped up using my account as I had forgotten my password so topped up on three Ireland using my debit card without logging into my account.

it was not until later I reset my password from my iPad for my three account. I topped myself up by €20 but I was wondering is their anything that can be done about the €20 I accidentally topped up another number with using my debit card?

Posted From Apple iPad

Re: Topped up wrong number

Hi There 👋 Unfortunately, if you've topped up the wrong number there is no way for us to retrieve this top up. Has the second top up successfully applied to your account? Ashlee 😊

Re: Topped up wrong number

Then how come in another post on three ireland forum someone with the same problem asked about getting credit they accidently topped up another phone with that was one digit different to their number. The person was told it would ne no problem?
Posted From Sony F5321

Re: Topped up wrong number

3 Staff

Can you PM your number, address and DOB please?


Re: Topped up wrong number

How do i pm you? Cannot find whete i can.
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