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Topped up wrong number

Hello i topped up the wrong number online . I was wondering is there any way i can get the ctrdit back Thank you

Re: Topped up wrong number


Re: Topped up wrong number

Hi there 👋 Can you PM me your full name, number, address and date of birth so I can access your account? Can you also send me the number you topped up? How much was this top up for? Can you check has the money gone out of your account or is it still pending? Martin. 

Re: Topped up wrong number

[ Edited ]

My name is Robert fee.  i topped up by twenty euro to number 087xxxxxxxxx the
money has left my account and is not pending. Thank you


Edited out personal info. 


Re: Topped up wrong number

Robert you shouldn't post your details on a public forum, edit your post and then Dm the mods by taping on three-Martin name and then send a private message 😊

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