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Topped up once - Charged three time

On February 15th, 2018, I topped up my phone once for 20 euros. 


However, my phone was topped up three times in a row and my bank was charged 60 euros. 


I tried contacting three first and they told me to apply for a charge back to the bank even though it was malfunctioning of the website.


When I called the bank, the bank told me they cannot do a charge back because my account was credited with 60 euros.


I tried calling both sides multiple times, wasting my time, but every agent told me a different story. The last agent told me that they can extend the expiration date by 2 more 28 days if I can provide them with a proof that the 3 transactions occurred at the same time.


If they cannot refund my money, it sounds like three can make any kind of unauthorized payment on my card and just say there's nothing they can do about it.


If this issue is not resolved with my last phone call with three today, I will talk to my lawyer about this issue and consider it an unauthorized payment.

Re: Topped up once - Charged three time


Hi @jackkim1991, I'll have a look into this here for you. Can you send your number, address and date of birth in a PM please and I'll check this out?


Re: Topped up once - Charged three time

Every single agent tells me a something different when I contact them. Please provide me with an official written confirmation, otherwise, I am not going to waste another phone call to your company.


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