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Throttling in Limerick City Area


Can Three please stop throttling 4G speeds in the Limerick City area? It has been dreadful for the past few months, and seems to be getting steadily worse.


They did some 'network upgrades' a few months ago; after which it went downhill and hasn't recovered. My guess is they started throttling at that time (the opposite of an upgrade if you ask me).


As an example, after work from ~5pm-12 midnight I get 150-300kbps, and later on (or very early in the morning) I can get 4+mbps (not too much to ask for on '4G').


I have even gone and purchased a Vodafone sim card (I have a dual sim phone so can test both quite easily) to check the issue of congestion and I get 4-5mbps with them during the Three throttling time.


I am a very very long term customer with 3, but I wonder if I were to get a new 3 sim card, would that also be throttled? ...Or would new customers be shown how amazing 3 is for a short while, before limiting their bandwidth?

Re: Throttling in Limerick City Area

There are strict rules preventing networks from doing that so I'd say it's more congestion than throttling. I use 3 g when I find 4 g slows down.

Re: Throttling in Limerick City Area

I'd say it's more network congestion that's your issue more than anything else

Re: Throttling in Limerick City Area


I can confirm it is not network congestion as it basically switches from decent speeds to downright digiweb standards. It doesn't happen gradually.


Additionally, on Vodafone (sure, may be using a different network), has absolutely no fall off (dual sim, so I easily switch and test).


Finally, it was fine for a long time (over a year+ since I've moved here), until they did some 'upgrades' a couple of months back. After which the throttling appeared. Shady if you ask me.


Re: Throttling in Limerick City Area

Sounds like you found the cause it was the network upgrade that caused your issue.
Basically before your location was probably closer to a mast and now your being connected to a different mast and your not getting as much bandwidth.
Or perhaps physically it is the same tower but the antenna was changed to be one with a smaller footprint.
Either way I would send a pm to the mods with all your details and get them to raise a ticket for you


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