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Any reason specifically as to why a less then 500mb update to an app takes nearly 2 HOURS if I'm teathering my phone to another device? I just transferred to three let's hope it's not a regret.

Re: Teathering

Hi @Paul5  👋 Is this just happening when tethering? We don't support tethering on our network. However, if you take a look at this link 👉 it will give you all the info you need on our unlimited data. If this is also happening when you're not tethering, let me know where exactly you're experiencing this and I'll check the area 👍 Aoife

Re: Teathering

And how does one go about getting a 'tablet bundle '

Re: Teathering

We also offer mobile broadband which you can use for tablets. You can take a look at our broadband plans, including our unlimited internet plan for €30, on our website here 😊

Re: Teathering

This would be a fine solution to my problem , if the internet speeds were
guaranteed. Having 5gb or 5000gb is not really relevant if it struggles to
playback video streaming or downloading which the service did for me
yesterday, I just swapped to three and it's abysmal performance so far.

Re: Teathering

[ Edited ]

I've checked your area and everything looks to be up and running.  Can you check your mobile internet settings are correct here and let me know if this makes a difference?

Let me know if it only happens at specific time as well so we can rule out some things first.

Re: Teathering

Exact same setup nothing different

Re: Teathering

3 Community Manager

Let's look a little more into this! The hotspot is switched off, the mobile internet settings are okay, Is data roaming switch on? If all of these are in place, can you send me your details in PM ?  Your number, full name, and date of birth. 


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