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Switching to Trio SIM issues


Yesterday I went into a 3 store and purchased the €20 trio sim to move from the old Befree Talk plan. The guy in the shop activated it but it never worked. Tried it in three different phones. 3 live chat said my number moved across successfully and it is activated but the sim must be faulty.


Today I went into the 3 shop again and the woman gave me a replacement sim and took my email and said it should be activated in 3 hours. I just received an email there saying: 


"Unfortunately we are unable to process your SIM Activation request as the information you provided us with does not match what we have on our system."


Incredibly annoying. I really don't want to have to go into a 3 shop again tomorrow for the third day in a row just to switch plan.  


Re: Switching to Trio SIM issues

That's unfortunate! send a PM to @Three_Rachel and she will help you with this. Mods will need your account information like phone number and name and address and date of birth. Best of luck


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