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Switching to Three and keeping existing phone number



I need to get a new phone ASAP, and am considering availing of the online only offer at the moment, where I can get the Nokia 5.1 for €69.99 if I switch over from Vodafone. 

It is really important that I keep my existing phone number for work. 

I have read the guide on how to keep my existing number when I switch to Three. 

However, one of the steps involves a text being sent to my existing number. This won't be possible, as although I have my sim card, my current phone is not working at all. 

Will there be a way to still avail of this offer, and keep my existing number when switching to Three?

Kind regards, 


Re: Switching to Three and keeping existing phone number

Any chance you could get a loan of a phone during the switch over process?

Re: Switching to Three and keeping existing phone number


@gallagherorla I imagine that support could help you although they won't be able to confirm anything about the other number (vodafone) which is a bit of a sticky situation because in that case anyone could just take a number to a new network. I'd go with @billbond4  suggestion or if you have a router that can take the sim because when you log into the routers there's an option to view text messages that have been sent. Maybe in store might work better.

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Switching to Three and keeping existing phone number

3 Moderator

@gallagherorla I'll be more than happy to help you out here and welcome to the Community 😊 In order to move your number to Three you will need to receive the verification text on both numbers. @Mac_n_cheese and @billbond4 are correct with the information they provided above. You can also pop in store to see if they have an unlocked phone so you can receive the text on your current number. 


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