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Switching from THREE-Vodafone PAYG due to cost of handsets!

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New Member

Well, I did attempt to flag this issue under the below thread title since 20/11/2019 but I got zero satisfaction.


"No BLACK TAG Sale for Existing THREE Prepay Customers! Smiley Sad


I also raised it on THREE Ireland Care via Twitter as I have been a long time customer with THREE Ireland's mobile service however; the response I got from THREE was about asking me to examine other phone handsets instead (which I was not interested in doing) and that I should bear in mind other benefits like competitions, concerts etc; even though I expressed no interest in any of these things during my entire time at THREE. Why would I bother about concert tickets, competitions etc; when the whole reason I raised the issue was about upgrading to a particular handset which was available but costing considerably more with THREE Ireland.


Of course I appreciate that THREE representatives can only work with the Sales/Marketing tools they are given which is the focus of my customer feedback - it's no incentive for an Existing Customer to discover that the phones are much cheaper elsewhere if I switch & bring my number!


Existing customers of THREE looking to Upgrade their mobile handset do not seem to benefit from competitive discounts towards the cost of upgrading mobile phone. As a result, I decided to avail of an offer with Vodafone on Pay-As-You-Go for the Samsung Galaxy A20e which was Only €49.99 if a new customer switches to Vodafone and also brings their existing number with them at the time in a Black Friday Sale which was due to end yesterday!


If I had upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy A20e and stayed with THREE it would have cost me €139.99 for exact same model which would have been an additional +€90.00 for the privilege. I would have preferred to obtain this particular model if it was at a similar price with THREE but prices do not seem competitive when compared with rival network, Vodafone.


It clearly does NOT work in the customer's favour IF they stay with their existing network when the time comes to Upgrade their mobile handset based on this experience. I think this is very short-sighted policy on the part of THREE Ireland and may result in Existing THREE customers shopping somewhere else for new handsets as they will not have much incentive to stay if it means paying much more for exact same handset models.


Maybe in years to come and THREE Ireland make the required changes, I might consider returning again if it is worth my while to do so.


****Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all! ***



Re: Switching from THREE-Vodafone PAYG due to cost of handse

3 Community Manager

@AwaitYourReply I'm sorry to hear that you've left us, and your valuable feedback has passed on to the relevant teams. Do pop to our website from time to time and here too 👍 You never know what the futures holds, whether it will be in the coming months or further along. 


Re: Switching from THREE-Vodafone PAYG due to cost of handse

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New Member

@Three_Deborah1 wrote:

@AwaitYourReply I'm sorry to hear that you've left us, and your valuable feedback has passed on to the relevant teams. Do pop to our website from time to time and here too 👍 You never know what the futures holds, whether it will be in the coming months or further along. 

My mobile number is not due to migrate from THREE to Vodafone until early morning on 22/12/2019 as this was the date I nominated when I completed the details for porting.


I actually checked the THREE Ireland website earlier today and I noticed the handset in question Samsung Galaxy A20e would still cost €139.99 for an Existing THREE Customer so; although my earlier feedback may have been passed on to the relevant department however; it has yet to be acted upon as nothing has changed to date.


Don't get me wrong, I totally understand why mobile networks offer attractive deals to attract "New" customers to the network however; it should never be at the expense of Existing customers as they can just as easily become "New Customers" and avail of attractive deals by leaving THREE and switching to Other competitor networks especially; at a time when a customer is going about upgrading their mobile handset.


There is more competition out there in the Irish marketplace nowadays with more networks and MVNO's in operation and customers can move easily especially when they are not tied into a contract. Customers who are not upgrading their handset can also save money on cheaper Bill Pay options such as GoMo (subsidiary company of eircom limited) for €9.99 per month for life up until 08th January which comes with all calls, texts and a generous data allowance (including EU Roaming) which is an attractive price-point. It will be interesting to see what GoMo introduces AFTER 08th January as they claim on their website that they have exciting things planned for 2020 so watch this space! (i.e.) GoMo website.


THREE Ireland needs to go back to the drawing board as it's falling behind the competition in several areas like postponing it's launch of 5G until some time during 2020 unlike other rival networks, offering a more attractive price-point for customers looking to buy mobile handsets on Prepay and cheaper Bill Pay monthly plans as the GoMo experiment has delivered 100,000 customers which is 2pc of the Irish mobile market, an unprecedented growth rate from a telecoms operator.


With things like Skype, Viber, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc; customers have far more options and telcos like the mobile operators will need to work much harder to deliver latest technology innovations/enhancements and better value offerings at an affordable cost as if not, others will take it's market share away.


Perhaps THREE should seriously consider launching a similar plan pricepoint as GoMo has signalled that it will be ending their current €9.99 offers on 8th January. I reckon there is still plenty of room in the Irish market for a similar plan pricepoint to deliver for a network like THREE Ireland, more users on the network helps spread the cost of investing in infrastructure.


I ordered my Samsung Galaxy A20e off online for €49.99 incl VAT & Delivery on Monday 2nd Dec just before lunchtime and while typing this message, An Post have delivered it to my door which is excellent service. 


I may return to THREE Ireland in the future provided it is worth my while in terms of it's overall offerings and if it does act on the feedback shared - if THREE Ireland introduces monthly price plans offering much better packages for a price-point like €9.99 per month incl VAT (along the lines to GoMo) this will also attract new and & returning customers I suspect as the Irish mobile market has already responded very positively to this offering by all accounts.


Please forward my additional feedback on to the relevant department as it is intended as constructive. I see competition as good for everyone across all the networks & MVNO's.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to one and all on the 3Community Forum and to all at THREE Ireland!



Re: Switching from THREE-Vodafone PAYG due to cost of handse

3 Community Manager

@AwaitYourReply as always, thank you. And all the Mods here and I wish you a great Christmas and New Year. 


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