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Sim replacment Activation



i broke my phone and went back to my old phone about 6 months ago, but my three sim wouldn't work so i got a replacement, it wouldn't work but i didn't pay much attention too it because i thought the phone was locked

to Vodafone from last time i used it. i now have a new phone, but want to keep my number, so i went out to get another replacement sim but again not working. i went in and asked about it and was told to put 083 3333333 in the 'number called in last 7 days' section but still not working



Could it just be a problem on my end (definately all the right information) or is it three that have the wrong info on me

Re: Sim replacment Activation

You can activate a replacement SIM at the link here. If you haven't made any calls in the last 7 days then you can insert NA instead. This is acceptable. Please make sure all the other details entered are correct. 


Re: Sim replacment Activation


Same problem

Re: Sim replacment Activation

Hi I'm having trouble activating my new sim since yesterday iv gone through the online steps a number of times and it still hasn't worked, if this persists I'll have to change networks today as I need a phone for business purposes

Re: Sim replacment Activation

Can you send me a PM with your mobile number, address and date of birth and I'll take a closer look at that for BrianG?

Re: Sim replacment Activation


Hi Diggermma, PM us your number, name, address and DOB? I'll check this out. 


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