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Sim Activation Failed


First Attempt Reference Number: 04687052 

Second Attempt Reference Number: 04687080


I haven't made any calls within the last week due to my phone breaking on December 27. I obviously can't enter a number which has been called twice within the last week because of that.


This is my second time activating a new sim with my number [The first time was due to needing to change to a nano sim]. I can't remember what the memorable place and name were from the last time. I guessed.

Re: Sim Activation Failed

Hi there, you only need to answer 1 of the questions. Either last number you called or text or top up amount 👍

Re: Sim Activation Failed

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@Three_Stephen- I'm almost certain it was my mom but her number didn't work. I have no way of checking on my OnePlus 3T because it died a couple of days after dropping it on the 27th.


It asks for the last number you contacted or the memorable name or place [You are required to do one] and following your selection, it then requests you to select the amount you usually top up [Which is never anything other than €20] on the next page.


I tried for a third time and it failed: 04687127 

Re: Sim Activation Failed

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I found my memorable name and place on my three account via going to the change password page and it was located at the bottom.


I entered them and the activation still failed [Reference No: 04687157]

Re: Sim Activation Failed


Can you PM your details please @Aontaigh and I'll have a look into this for you?


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