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Roaming rates in Northern Ireland



I'm a 3 customer and have moved from Dublin to belfast for the next four months. I had my phone unlocked so as to get a UK sim when I moved here, but then when a friend reminded me of the change in roaming charges within the EU, I kept my Irish sim card. My understanding of the new roaming charges is that you retain the same package you have in your own country. I currently pay €20 a month for free texts to everyone, free calls to 3 and unlimited data. However I topped up two weeks ago and after only a couple of phone calls, my credit is nearly gone. So I'm worried that my data usage and texting is also being taken out of my credit and wanted to check if this is happening? 




Re: Roaming rates in Northern Ireland

Hi Trudie, with our prepay plan you'll be charged the same as if you're in Ireland, but you won't have unlimited data or Three to Three calls. You have an allocation of data to use while roaming in the EU, it's 6GB for your plan. Three to Three calls are available only when your call connects exclusively within the Three Ireland Network. 


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