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Re: Reminder on day 28

this is really stupid thing, my credit is completely gone and I have no way to avoid this in future as personal dashboard doesn't allow me to setup regular payment to topup each 28 days. Vodafone allows this. I can make the conclusion that Three is chasing money instead of respect and I don't like this. I'd rather stay with company that respects customers. I don't care about credits accumulation, I just care about fair regular prepay - pay 20 euros and have all fun. But now I see the reallity that even regular payment of 20 euros doesn't prevent me from additional payments that I have to make in order to use my phone number.
This is stupid guys. Make your short-term profit on this, but in order to make long-term one - you need to respect your customer.
I'm going to vodafone tomorrow to switch to them. They give the possibility of regular topups each 28 days. And they have way better personnal dashboard and support service.
Good luck!

Re: Reminder on day 28


Well Said @bitec


Customers seem to be a necesssary evil in this company

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