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Reactivate sim card!!!!

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Hello, I’m Italian but I travel to Ireland quite often so some years ago I got a O2 sim card. I will move there within 2019 so I would like to get my old number back. Would it be possible to reactivate it please?
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Re: Reactivate sim card!!!!

@joshuakhan sounds like it won't be possible..numbers are recycled ya see. But if you send Three_Deborah1 a pm with the number she can probably see if it's in use
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Reactivate sim card!!!!


I join this question:  I've had an O2  then Three sim for more than 10 years, the sim card is the same. I've tried to keep balance and sim card active while lived abroad, but recently the sim card stopped registering in foreign networks. When I'm calling my number it says that the number doesn't exists also I cannot login to Mythree section on the website with the error - "the customer doesn't exist".


Can I restore my nimber, it is very very important to me! Please advise what can I do


Re: Reactivate sim card!!!!

Send a pm to the a mod with all your details and they will investigate.
To keep a sim active, every 6 months you need to make a chargeable action i.e. Send a text or make a call AND topup the account


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