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Prices on PAYG Mobile Handsets seem expensive @THREE!

New Member


So; I'm currently considering Upgrading to my 1st smartphone as I've not been a heavy mobile phone user over the years. I've been with THREE Ireland on it's 3Pay/Pay As You Go from THREE for quite some time. When I go and look at a few smartphones in the budget range, it will prompt you to indicate whether you are a "New" or "Existing" customer and whether you wish to keep your current number which is fine.


Unfortunately, I cannot understand in a situation like if it says online "You are eligible for an Upgrade" BUT; you do NOT get a "preferential discount price" offered to reward customer loyalty as a means to entice the existing customer to stay with THREE Ireland?


Right now, the incentive is for me to Switch away from THREE network to Vodafone as I have seen at least TWO identical phone handsets at a significantly lower price if I move to Vodafone on a similar PAYG basis.


Example No. 1: (as seen on Vodafone Ireland website on 18/11/2019)

Huawei Y6 2019 with Vodafone Original Price €99.99 but they give you Discount €50.00 OFF if you switch your current number to Vodafone.

Price for New Customer is Only €49.99


Example No. 2 (as seen on Vodafone Ireland website on 18/11/2019)

Samsung Galaxy A20e with Vodafone Original Price €149.00 

Special Offer *Get €100 off when you switch your current number over to Vodafone Pay As You Go.

Price for New Customer: Only €49.99


Seems to me that THREE Ireland does NOT reward existing customer loyalty if Upgrade incentives are meaningless at the end of the day.

Why would I upgrade my handset and want to pay much more for same handset models at THREE?


I understand that most companies have special offers to attract new customers but it seems pointless to lose existing customers in this way.


I will wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals later in the month before deciding whether to change my handset and if necessary mobile network!


I would much prefer to stay with THREE if I do upgrade my handset but I certainly won't be paying higher prices for any mobile network to have the privilege of my custom.


Just think this feedback should be shared with the 3 Community and THREE Ireland.


Thank you for letting me air my concerns on 3 Community Forum!


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