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Prepay refund required please

[ Edited ]

After multiple failed attempts at topping up (trying via the three website on two different pages and via the UK site - each time getting an error after pressing submit) I finally topped up using AIB.


Now, however, when I check my 3 account I see there's 40 euro credit in it so it looks like one of my other payments went through even though I was shown an error page.


Apparently this extra 20 euro won't carry over automatically to next month, can someone please organise for it to be carried over or for it to be refunded? I don't mind paying it next month but it'll be used up with no benefit this month if it's not refunded.




my number is removing personal info*** 

Re: Prepay refund required please


Hi @three_user, can you PM us your number, name, address and DOB? I'll check this out for you.


I also removed your number from the public forum 👌 

Re: Prepay refund required please



Thanks, have already sent you a PM but just in case I'm posting here as well to remind whoever needs to get in touch regarding my credit for the next month.




Re: Prepay refund required please


Hi @three_user, can you just send your details in a PM and I'll check this out for you now? I'll just need your number, address and date of birth.


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